Sep 17

"No Such Thing As A 'Women's Issue'"

by Sargent Shriver Peace Institute | 09/17/2018 6:00AM | Quote of the Week | Justice | Civil Rights

"No Such Thing As A 'Women's Issue '"

"No Such Thing As A 'Women's Issue '"

Our Quote of the Week makes the point that "women's issues" should not be labeled as such because they impact all of us. It is a point that reminds us of Sargent Shriver's deep belief that we are all interconnected and that we must all have the opportunity to realize our full potential, no matter who we are.

We take this week's quote from Sargent Shriver's Address at the Women's Leadership Conference Luncheon, a speech he gave while he was campaigning to become the Presidential candidate in the 1976 Democratic Primaries. To get a true sense of the breadth of his argument, we invite you to read the entire transcript. During the address, he covered topics ranging from from the ERA to parental leave, anti-rape legislation and economic equality. For a speech delivered 43 years ago by a male political candidate, we find it striking. As we continue to battle systemic sexism and misogyny, insights such as this one by Sargent Shriver are always welcome.

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