Sep 24

"For All Who Struggle for Justice"

by Sargent Shriver Peace Institute | 09/24/2018 6:00AM | Quote of the Week | Justice | Poverty Law


Our Quote of the Week celebrates those who dedicate themselves to the fight for greater justice. Sargent Shriver’s statement reminds us that it is essential to protect the liberty and quality of life of all people who come into contact with our justice system. 

This quote comes from an address Sargent Shriver made to his fellow alumni of the Yale Law School Association in the year 2000. In the speech, Sarge discusses the importance of public service for the legal profession, citing his own advocacy of the poor and disenfranchised. He mentions that among their peers from Yale are “two men who became Justices of the United States Supreme Court; one [who] became President of the United States, five [who] became U.S. Government Officials; two United States Senators; twenty Heads of Law Firms, and many others [who] became superb, imaginative leaders in other projects.” These examples demonstrate the far-reaching influence that the law and attorneys have in our country, as well as their great capacity to do good.

We must take the management of our justice system seriously so as to ensure liberty and equal treatment under the law for all. Every person and every issue that passes through our justice system, whether at a local police station or before the Supreme Court of the United States, deserves to be treated with fairness, objectivity, transparency, and integrity. 

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