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Break Your Mirrors

In a 1994 address at Yale, Sargent Shriver gave this call to action: "Break Your Mirrors!" What did he mean, and how can we heed his call?

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Sarge w/ JFK

Peace Corps

Sargent Shriver was the person President Kennedy turned to to make his grand vision of the Peace Corps a reality.

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Shriver Meets with LBJ

War on Poverty

Lyndon Johnson asked Sargent Shriver to lead the War on Poverty. Sarge created a series of programs that continue to serve Americans today.

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Sarge Reaching Out

Ambassador to France

In 1968, Sargent Shriver was appointed US Ambassador to France. 

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Sarge Reaching Out
Shriver and Young Men

Poverty Law

At attorney by trade, Sargent Shriver made legal services a priority in his work. He created and inspired programs to aid those with few legal resources gain justice.

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Shriver and Young Men
Sarge and Martin Luther King Jr.

Civil Rights

Sargent Shriver believed that all men and women are created equal. He therefore fought for civil rights throughout his career.

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Peace is not just the absence of fighting; a phoenix does not rise out of the ashes of bomb craters or out of the wastelands of want. Peace -- if it is to be lasting -- must be based on economic prosperity coupled with justice.


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Nov 22

For Thanksgiving: A Reflection on Prosperity

by Sargent Shriver Peace Institute

Our Quote of the Week links economic prosperity and justice, making the case that we require both in order to build  sustained peace. As we mark Thanksgiving in the United States this week, let us reflect on how we can bring about the changes necessary for a more prosperous, just society for...

Nov 15

The Importance of Human-centric Diplomacy

by Sargent Shriver Peace Institute

Our Quote of the Week exemplifies the kind of diplomacy that Sargent Shriver conducted throughout his career. Underlining issues of human rights and injustice that affect all too many people around the world, and making a dynamic call to action to those "who are gathered", Shriver...

Nov 08

Remembering Sargent Shriver on his 106th Birthday

by Sargent Shriver Peace Institute

Our Quote of the Week calls to mind some of the characteristics and abilities that made Sargent Shriver distinct as a servant leader: his human-centric spirituality, his ability to foster collaboration, and his willingness to solicit, devise, and implement innovative solutions to society's most...

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Peace Corps, VISTA, Community Action, Head Start, Legal Services for the Poor, Youth Corps, Job Corps, ... Sargent Shriver invented a string of social initiatives that shaped an era and dared millions of young Americans to live out their ideals.

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This exhaustively researched, authorized biography depicts Shriver’s connection to the historical events of the 20th century—the Great Depression, World War II, JFK’s assassination, the Cold War, and more. Sarge gives us a complete account of Shriver’s life, as well as thoughtful commentary on the Kennedy family, the Peace Corps, and US and world history.

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In this intimate portrait of an extraordinary father-son relationship, Mark K. Shriver discovers the moral principles that guided his legendary father, and applies them to his own life.

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