A Letter from

Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A

Brooklyn, NY

The staff, Board and friends of Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A ("Brooklyn A") deeply mourn the death, but celebrate the life of our founder and guiding light, R. Sargent Shriver. He not only created the national network of free civil legal services programs for low income people as part of the War on Poverty, but he instilled in it and in us the mission of not just defending poor people in court, but in working in and partnering with the residents of low income localities to build, sustain and grow non-profit locally controlled institutions in those neighborhoods that would provide high quality, affordable and caring housing, medical, childrens, senior citizens, and other basic services meeting the needs of their residents, and protecting those residents' ability to stay and indeed control the future of their communities. We are and will remain committed to working to fulfill your vision despite the obstacles we and our clients face, because it is the right thing to do! Thank you Sarge for a life well lived and for the great legacy that you left for us!