A Letter from

Aaron S. Williams

Director of the Peace Corps, 2009-2012

Dear Mr. Shriver:

On behalf of the entire Peace Corps family, I wish to extend our deepest sympathies to you and your family during the saddest of times. 

We join you in mourning the passing of Sargent Shriver, your father and our founding father. We also join you in celebrating and honoring his lifetime of exemplary service to our nation. He was remarkable in his steadfast belief in humanity and the ultimate goodness of mankind. 

In this, our 50th anniversary year, we remember the extraordinary man whose generosity of spirit, visionary thinking, and strength of will inspired and guided a generation along a path of public service in pursuit of world peace and friendship. Subsequent generations of Americans have continued to follow his path, and in doing so, have remained faithful to his passionate commitment to world peace. We are very grateful for his leadership and guidance. 

We hope you will find some measure of comfort in the knowledge that the entire Peace Corps family shares your loss and that our thoughts and prayers are with you. 

May God bless Sarge. 


Aaron S. Williams