Aug 2022

On our blog, we share our Quote of the Week as well as other insights about our work and about our community. As our society continues to struggle with some of the same issues that Sargent Shriver focused on -- poverty, racism, inequality, war -- we believe it's important to share our stories with each other. Do you have a story to share about Sargent Shriver or about one of the issues he cared about? Share your story with us by emailing it to Maybe we'll post it here!

Aug 02

Seeking "a common existence"

by Sargent Shriver Peace Institute

Our Quote of the Week reminds us that to tackle society’s biggest challenges, we must transcend the “-isms” that limit and divide us – nationalism, individualism, liberalism, conservatism – and employ the values that bind us together as a human family. It is only by focusing on our "common...