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We started the blog to share stories about Sargent Shriver's work, our work, and updates from our community. As our society continues to struggle with some of the same issues that Sargent Shriver focused on -- poverty, racism, inequality, war -- we believe it's important to share our stories with each other. Do you have a story to share about Sarge? Has his work influenced you? Share your story with us by emailing it to Maybe we'll post it here!

Mon Jun 11 08:32:00 EDT 2018 Mon Jun 11 08:32:00 EDT 2018

The Greatness of Our Spirit

by Sargent Shriver Peace Institute

We take our Quote of the Week from the St. Louis University Commencement Speech that Sargent Shriver gave in 1962. Speaking about the network of "statesmen and scholars" that the Peace Corps was creating, Sargent Shriver spoke about the responsibilities and opportunities that a world...